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A tributary of the Youghiogheny River, Hoyes Run is one of the few Maryland streams that support populations of wild rainbow and brown trout, and wild native brook trout. The stream is a productive trout fishery, and is one of the top trout-fishing destinations in the state. Since 2000, however, the stream has been experiencing declining trout numbers due to degrading conditions at its headwaters. Increased turbidity and sedimentation from livestock trampling have reduced water quality and made spawning a challenge for brook trout. Encouraging progress has already been made to restore the stream to its former conditions with help from private landowners, government agencies, and conservation agencies, but more restoration is needed. This project will take further steps to fully restoring trout populations to their former levels. The project calls for livestock exclusion fencing, constructing a hardened livestock crossing, and providing two water troughs as an alternative water source for livestock. Implementing these improvements will exclude livestock from roughly 1,285 feet of stream and 125 feet of a critical spring-fed brook trout spawning channel. We have been collaborating closely with other conservation organizations, the local Garrett College, and government agencies to improve this vital trout stream. The measures taken in this project will greatly reduce the amount of sedimentation that Hoyes Run has experienced in recent years, and will in turn improve conditions for one of Maryland's most important wild trout streams.

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