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The Schenck's Island Open Space is a 17-acre park along the Norwalk River in Wilton, right in the heart of suburban Connecticut. Owned jointly by the town of Wilton and the Wilton Land Trust, the open space is a community treasure. Thanks to hiking trails and its central location, thousands of people enjoy Schenck's Island's natural beauty. Unfortunately, the high-volume use of this site has led to some serious bank erosion. This is troubling, considering that the Norwalk is one of the few rivers in Connecticut that support a healthy population of wild brown trout with a thriving spawning population. Along roughly 1,300 linear feet in Schenck's Island, the bank erosion has caused a number of issues, including channel widening, reduced riparian shade vegetation, and downstream siltation. Our chapter is planning a project to fix this erosion, and remedy some of the problems that come with it. To do so, we will stabilize the banks by planting native riparian plant species, installing in-stream habitat structures, and developing a series of deep-pool structures to provide vital coldwater refuge to aquatic life during increasingly-frequent low-water conditions. In addition to the crucial improvements, we will also take advantage of the public nature of this site by creating a series informative kiosks throughout the park that will emphasize the importance of our coldwater resources and educate the public about our chapter's work. This project will restore a vital coldwater resource in a very popular area, providing critical habitat for wild trout while also spreading public awareness of TU's mission.

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