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Cherry Creek, a unique limestone-influenced stream in southern Monroe County of Pennsylvania, is a high-quality coldwater fishery home to a small population of wild brown trout and an even smaller population of native brook trout. The stream itself is spring-fed and only travels a few miles, with a watershed of a mere 30.5 square miles. Our chapter believes that this presents a prime opportunity to expand wild and native trout populations in the region. With consistent, clean, and cold water, Cherry Creek simply lacks vital trout habitat by way of in-stream structures to become a strong wild trout fishery. Random boulder placement, a rock deflector, a rock cross-vane, a log cross vane, a log vane deflector, a brush deflector, and a log-framed stone deflector will provide wild trout with the necessary rearing habitat, feeding lies, and protection to ensure they can thrive in Cherry Creek. We see the creek as an opportunity to not only increase wild and native trout biomass, but also recognize the highly visible nature of the proposed site. It borders a national recreation area that sees about 5 million visitors annually. By restoring the riparian zones, installing habitat structures, and posting educational signage around the site, we also believe we can garner more community interest in coldwater conservation while creating vital habitat and thermal refuge to wild trout.

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