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The Androscoggin River Headwaters cover 200,000+ acres in Maine and New Hampshire, providing critical habitat for wild Eastern Brook Trout (EBT), including one of the last remaining populations of large wild EBT in New Hampshire. Wild EBT over 5 pounds are caught annually in this watershed. The Dead Diamond, Swift Diamond and Magalloway Rivers and tributaries form the backbone of the drainage; from below the Aziscohos Dam in Maine, these rivers offer a completely interconnected system of more than 50 miles. Multiyear (2007-2012) radio tracking studies of large (12”-24”) EBT found these fish often move dozens of miles a year (some up to 70+miles!), utilizing multiple locations in both states. This project has the following goals: (1) Tag and track smaller fish from a key tributary (Loomis Valley Brook) to determine whether and how tributaries contribute to mainstem EBT populations in both states. To date, 598 fish have been tagged and will now be tracked in 2017 and 2018. (2) Explore the influence of groundwater flows and water temperatures on spawning site selection, juvenile hatching dates, and growth rates in key spawning areas. (3) Utilize and share project data, and develop tagging and tracking methods, to help fisheries managers nationwide determine where to focus future habitat restoration, protection projects, and regulation changes. (4) Provide unique opportunities to students pursuing careers in fisheries management through research and field work opportunities with the project. (5) Involve 500+ members from 9 supporting TU chapters and councils in Maine and NH, and other participating groups, by providing opportunities for volunteer project work, periodic reports about fish tracking movement and project findings, and by providing speakers and presentations for banquets, chapter meetings, and seminars. For details about the project, and exciting underwater video of large spawning trout in the project area, go to the Ammonoosuc Chapter website at

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